Fire Madison Cawthorn

Fire Madison Cawthorn

Fire Madison Cawthorn

Chip in now to FIRE Madison!

We have one goal: to defeat Madison Cawthorn.

He's peddled Trump’s lie about the election being stolen.

He's betrayed our country & helped incite the violent attack on our Capitol.

And now, we're determined to defeat him.

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Madison Cawthorn’s Record Representing North Carolina
In the few short months that Madison Cawthorn has been in office, he is proving to be a disgrace and embarrassment to those he represents in Western North Carolina. Take a look at the outlandish blunders he has made, and the dangerous rhetoric he is still peddling:
Get to Know the Real Madison Cawthorn, Insurrectionist


On January 6, 2021, Madison Cawthorn made international news as a rabble-rouser promoting insurrection at the Capitol just days after being sworn in as a freshman Congressman.


His biggest and worst lie: Bogus Valor

A huge insult to military members and their families. He says he was planning to go to the Naval Academy, and he refuses to correct those who say he was in the military.


COVID-19 Truther

Madison Cawthorn thinks the pandemic has been overblown. He hosts campaign events with no social distancing or masks despite mandates in North Carolina.


Racist and Antisemite?

He claims he is not racist. But look at what he has said.


Aggressive with Women

He wants you to think he is dedicated to family values. His actions toward women say otherwise.


Washington Insider

One of his favorite lies: I’m a Washington Outsider He loves telling everyone he is a Washington outsider, but he has made himself right at home among the Washington insiders.


Lies, lies, lies

Does Madison Cawthorn even know what the truth is anymore?